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Cover photo for 2017 Fruit and Nut Tree Sale!

2017 Fruit and Nut Tree Sale!

The Johnston County Fall Fruit and Nut Tree Sale will begin Oct. 2, 2017 through Nov. 30, 2017 at …

Cover photo for JCNA Tour of Smith's Nursery

JCNA Tour of Smith's Nursery

June 27, 2017 JCNA Tour of Smith’s Nursery JCNA Member meet at 443 SANDERS RD, BENSON, NC 27504 at 6 p.m. sharp Dinner provided …

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Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

Summer and Fall Flowering Bulbs for the Landscape

Summer and fall flowering bulbs provide another dimension to gardening. They add beauty and interest …

Peonies for the Home Landscape

Peonies are long-lived, perennial flowers that produce large flowers in the spring. Colors include black, …

Dahlias for the Home Landscape

Dahlias, are a popular addition to the landscape because they have a wide height range …

Roses for North Carolina

Sooner or later most home gardeners think about growing roses. Landscape uses are quite varied …

Hints for Fall-Planted Spring and Early Summer Flowering Bulbs

This publication offers guidelines on planning a garden and buying bulbs, as well as planting …

Qualifiers for Quagmires: Landscape Plants for Wet Sites

Wet, poorly drained soils present one the most difficult challenges for growing plants in the …

Controlling Sedges in Landscape Plantings

More than 40 sedge species may be found in North Carolina landscapes. Although grass-like in …

Postemergence, Non-Selective Herbicides for Landscapes and Nurseries

Manual removal of weeds is time consuming, expensive, and often results in damage to landscape …