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Figure 1 A) Stripe rust is characterized by yellow to orange lesions arranged in stripes on wheat leaves. Heads can become infected if the disease is severe. B) Stripe rust foci in a wheat field. Fields with multiple foci should be treated with fungicide first. Images courtesy of Barry Lewis (A) and Tim Britton (B).

Wheat Issues - May 5, 2020

Wheat Issues – Stripe Rust Alert This past weekend, a stripe rust alert was issued by Dr. Cowger and Dr. …

Tobacco News for January 2020

This newsletter features all the events upcoming for tobacco growers, as well as some important data updates. Please check …

Recent Publications related to Field Crops

Illustration of a field boundary map

Creating a Crop Maze With GPS

This publication explains how to create a crop maze with GPS (global positioning system).

2 days ago
Photo of frost on NC soybeans

Soybean Cold Damage

Cold damage in soybeans can emerge early or late in the season. This publication describes …

2 days ago
Soil crusting minimzing soybean emergence

Soybean Crusting

Soil crusting is a problem that can occur after soybean planting before the soybeans have …

2 days ago
Soybean hail damage in the early reproductive growth stages

Soybean Hail Damage

This factsheet discusses how to mitigate hail damage in soybean production in North Carolina.

2 days ago

Soybean Deep Planting

This publication discusses planting depth for soybean producers in North Carolina.

2 days ago
Flooded field following a hurricane in Eastern NC

Soybean Hurricane Damage

This factsheet discusses the effect on soybean fields after a hurricane and how to proceed …

2 days ago

Soybean Lightning Damage

This publication describes the symptoms of a lightning strike in soybeans in North Carolina.

2 days ago
Powdery mildew of soybean

Soybean Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a common foliar disease caused by a fungus. The causal agent of …