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Cool Connections – Gardening Resources

Need help finding your local county center?

General Resources:

NC State Extension Gardener Handbook

NC State Extension for Lawn and Garden Publications

Field Guide to Southern Piedmont Area

NC State Extension Gardening Portal

Pesticides and Pesticide Safety

NC State Extension Plant Database

Cooperative Extension Search

Homeowner’s Product Guide to Managing Diseases

Diseases & Disorders

Garden Tool Guide

How to Become a Beekeeper in North Carolina

Youth, Community, & Therapeutic Gardening

Soil Section:

Soil Testing for Lawns and Garden Form

Find your soil test report

NCDA&CS Current Estimated Time for Processing Samples

Understanding your soil test report

How to take a Proper Soil Sample (video)

Frequently Asked Questions about soil test and fertilizer

Lawn Section:

What to Type of Lawn to Plant

Organic Lawn Care – A Guide to Organic Lawn Maintenance & Pest Management

Information on Weeds

How to Care for Warm Season Grasses

How to Care for Cool Season Grasses

Establishing a New Lawn?

Caring for a New Lawn

Maintaining an Established Lawn

Renovating a Lawn

Lawn Alternatives

A complete guide for lawn care in North Carolina; Carolina Lawns

North Carolina Sod Producers

Selecting & Managing Lawn Grasses for Shade

Fruit Trees & Small Fruit:

Eastern North Carolina Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbs

Guide for Small Fruit in Home Landscapes 

Muscadine Grape Production Guide for the Southeast

Southeast Regional Caneberry Production Guide

Native Plants Section:

Going Native (Selecting and Planting Native Plants)

Plants Grown in Containers

Landscape Section:

Fire Resistant Landscaping in North Carolina

Landscape Design

Permaculture Design

Checklist Landscape Uses

Checklist Developing Use Areas

Landscaping for Wildlife with Native Plants

Plan Before You Plant

Shrub Section:

Database on Shrubs

 Pruning, Mulching, and Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs

Resources from:

 NC State Master Gardener Program Youtube Channel

This video is part of a continuing educational series:

 Glyphosate: Can we separate fact and fiction? And, how do we control weeds without it?