Moles and Voles – How to Identify and Control Them in Your Home Landscape

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Picture of eastern mole and pine voleThere are certain things when thought of and spoken that just seem to go together; peas & carrots, peanut butter & jelly, stars & stripes, Romeo & Juliet, Batman & Robin, Bevis & Butthead, and moles & voles. Moles and voles can be as annoying and destructive to your home landscape as the last aforementioned in the list before moles & voles. Mole and vole control questions are one of the most frequently asked at the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Johnston County office and our Master Gardener℠ volunteer Mobile Plant Clinics.

Many people are confused about their differences and often moles are incorrectly blamed for vole damage. About the only thing they have in common is that their names rhyme and they both dig underground. While these two garden pests cause anxiety and an immediate desire to gain control, knowing their differences can help determine best control methods. Your first step is to distinguish which pest you have by observing the type of damage they do. It’s possible to have both moles and voles at the same time causing damage to your property.

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