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County Extension Director

4-H Youth Development

Photo of Lori McBryde, NC Cooperative Extension

Lori McBryde

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
(919) 989-5380

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Photo of Shawn Banks, NC Cooperative Extension

Shawn Banks

Extension Agent, Agriculture - Horticulture
(919) 989-5380
Photo of Mike Frinsko, NC Cooperative Extension

Mike Frinsko

Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture - Aquaculture

Provide technical training and assistance to commercial aquaculture producers in the Southeast Extension District

Photo of Amie Newsome, NC Cooperative Extension

Amie Newsome

Extension Agent, Agriculture - Commercial Horticulture
(919) 989-5380

Commercial fruit and vegetable, Nursery and landscape, Pond management, Agritourism and Beekeeping

Photo of Dan Wells, NC Cooperative Extension

Dan Wells

Extension Agent, Agriculture - Livestock
(919) 989-5380

Develops educational programs in the areas of Livestock production and management as well as youth livestock programs.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Photo of Jayne McBurney, NC Cooperative Extension

Jayne McBurney

Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences

Jayne has a love of teaching and a passion for helping people live within their means by making good choices and remaining out of debt. Jayne teaches monthly Homebuyer Education workshops and money management workshops regularly. Topics in her program file include Budgetwi$e, Love Your Money, Credit Cents, Residential Energy Conservation, and Stress Savvy. Jayne also assists Medicare beneficiaries as a SHIIP Counselor.


Photo of Angie Faison, NC Cooperative Extension

Angie Faison

County Extension Support Specialist
(919) 989-5380
Photo of Katie Moore, NC Cooperative Extension

Katie Moore

County Extension Administrative Assistant
(919) 989-5380