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North Carolina Sweetpotato Field Day

North Carolina Sweetpotato Field Day

Horticultural Crops Research Station

Thursday, September 21, 2107

2450 Faison Highway

Clinton, NC 28328


2:30 p.m.                Registration


3:00 p.m.                 NCSU – Reid Evans  &  NCDA&CS – Richard Reich

Horticultural Crops Research Station – Glenn Aman, Research                                          Specialist

                              Nutritional/Value Added Considerations

3:15 p.m.                 Glycemic index of Sweet potato chips, fries and flour (Note: Table                                     top display and poster, chips to sample and glucometer                                                     demonstration  ~Sofia Feng, Jonathan Allen, Van Den Truong

                              Pest Management

3:30 p.m.                 Root knot nematode control in sweetpotato*  ~Hunter Collins, Lina                                  Quesada-Ocampo

3:40 p.m.                 Expanding the fungicide toolkit for control of black rot in sweet                                        potato*  ~Camilo Parada, Hunter Collins, Lina Quesada-Ocampo

3:50 p.m.                 Effect of environmental conditions on black rot disease progression                                  in sweetpotato*  ~Madison Stahr and Lina Quesada-Ocampo

4:00 p.m.                 Production of sweetpotato certified seed at the Micropropagation                                    and Repository Unit (MPRU)*  ~Christie Almeyda, Tamara                                                Abernethy, Connie Gatlin, Jacqueline Eldridge and Eric Davis

4:15 p.m.                 Travel to field studies

Pest Management (continued)

4:30 p.m.                 Method and timing of Palmer amaranth control in conventional and                                  no-till sweetpotato*  ~Cole Smith, Matthew Waldschmidt and Katie                                Jennings

Variety Development and Status

4:45 p.m.                 Clone Evaluation, National Sweetpotato Collaborators Trial  ~Ken                                      Pecota, Jeremy Machacek, Xiaofei Zhang, Ragy Ibrahem, Craig                                        Yencho

                              Production Considerations

5:00 p.m.                 Internal necrosis preharvest and postharvest considerations                                              Fernando Montero, Keith Starke, Jonathan Schultheis

5:10 p.m.                 Between row or bed spacing effects on yield and root quality (size)                                    Keith Starke, Jonathan Schultheis

5:20 p.m.                 In-row spacing considerations for several clones  ~Jonathan                                              Schultheis, Keith Starke

5:30 p.m.                 Travel back to sweetpotato storage building

Grading Considerations

6:00 p.m.                 Exeter grader demonstration  ~Jeremy Machacek, Xiaofei Zhang,                                     Ken Pecota, Craig Yencho

6:20 p.m.                 Evaluating the shape and size characteristics of sweet potatoes                                         using digital image analysis  ~Michael Boyette, Amber Tsirnikas

6:30 p.m.                 Sponsored dinner (McCain Foods)$

7:15 p.m.                 Meeting ends, Adjourn

$Sponsorship covers hygiene stations; drinks; and dinner (Dinner will be catered by McCall’s BBQ).

*1 Pesticide credit