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4-H County & District Activity Day

What is District Activity Day?

District Activity Day (DAD) is a 4-H Presentation public speaking competition for youth to present information on the topic of their choice. 4-H Presentations are a huge part of North Carolina 4-H. It is one of the most successful way to help a young person learn how to do a public speech. It focuses on members teaching others what they know about a particular project/subject matter. They are sometimes called demonstrations or illustrated talk or a formal speech. The speech/presentation should be between 5 and 12 minutes. District winners compete at the state level. State winners in sponsored categories receive cash awards! In specific categories, the State-winning seniors may go on to compete at the National level. Please note that presentations will be done by video this year. You will need to record yourself doing your presentation and then submit it to office by May 20th.

*In Johnston County we offer youth the opportunity to practice their presentations by having a County Activity Day (CAD). Those that are selected from CAD will then compete at DAD.

Video Tips

  • Hold your phone or tablet horizontal (long ways and NOT up and down).
  • Make sure that you have good lighting. Try using a tripod, table or something to keep your device steady. Stand in front of a simple background (a solid white or black sheet on the wall may work).
  • Have a good distance between you and your camera. Don’t Zoom in. If you need to, move your camera closer instead of zooming.
  • Test your audio. Can you wear a set of earbuds with a microphone to improve your audio? Watch for background noises.

If you would like to record your presentation at our office, contact Courtney Stanley at (919) 989-5380.

All County Activity Day Presentations must be submitted by April 23rd.

Submit your CAD presentation here!

All District Activity Day Presentations must be submitted by May 10th.

Submit your DAD presenation here!

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