Canning Fruit Products & Acidic Foods, May 22

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Interested in learning how to make your own shelf-stable, canned jams, fruit products, and acidified foods? We’ve got the class for you!

This year, participants will learn about basic canning procedures, how to prevent food safety risks and food spoilage when canning, where to find safe recipes, and the science behind making a shelf-stable product through a presentation and demonstration-style workshop held via Zoom.

May 22, 2021, at 10 a.m. (will conclude by 12:30 p.m.) via Zoom

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This workshop is focused on using a water bath (sometimes referred to as a “boiling water”) canner, which is intended for high acid foods such as fruits, pickled items, and (sometimes) tomatoes with added acid. This class is not intended to teach you how to can vegetables, meats, or other low-acid foods; also not intended for elderberry products.

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