In-Person Healthy Eating With the Mediterranean Diet Series Begins May 13

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This 6-week series will be focused on the Mediterranean Diet. This way of eating is backed by tons of research supporting the benefits of this way of eating (type 2 diabetes management/prevention, heart disease prevention/management, reduced risk of Alzheimers and some forms of cancer, weight loss, and management).

Each week, we will dive deep into a new food group and discuss ways to make healthy decisions when planning your grocery lists. We’ll discuss fats, proteins, carbs, sugar, and fruits and vegetables. You’ll get tons of recipes, tips, and an opportunity to participate in a Facebook group community for participants only!

Class meets in-person on Thursdays at the Johnston Ag Center.

May 13–June 17, 2021, 6–7:15 p.m.

*Masks will be required in order to attend; if you are unable to wear a mask for the entirety of each session, please ask about a virtual option and plan to register for a 100% virtual series instead*

Register online for this in-person series!

Registration fee helps cover the cost of to-go taste tests offered each week as well as prizes to those who complete pre-and-post-surveys. If paying with a check, payment must be RECEIVED by the Johnston Ag Center by May 13. Make checks payable to ‘Johnston Ag Center.’

Bowl of Mediterranean food