Wheat Variety Trials

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Wheat Variety Trials This area of the State has a wide range of soil types and rolling to fairly flat topography. Because of this, it is important to look at how crop varieties perform so that growers can select varieties that produce high yields and quality crops in this area. Official variety test sites provide good information, but OVT sites are limited. By looking at varieties in Counties without OVT sites, growers can get more local information on varieties. In the Fall of 2017, North Carolina Cooperative Extension in Cumberland, Johnston, Harnett, Wake, and Sampson Counties initiated five wheat variety demonstrations. At least 21 of the same varieties were chosen for each site. Varieties were based on OVT and grower interest. Each location was planted within a four-week time period. Plots were harvested and data was collected on yield, test weight, moisture, and vomitoxin levels. The average yield for all 21 varieties was 52.4 bushels/A. There was a 14.9 bushel/A difference from high to low with 12 varieties performing above the average of 52.4 bushels/A. Along with this information, the official OVT for wheat and oats can be found at Small Grains 2018.

Central Coastal Plain Regional Wheat Variety Data for 2018