Food Preservation and Canning Series

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Join us for our Food Preservation and Canning Series! Learn how to safely can, freeze, dehydrate, and ferment your favorite foods to eat healthy throughout the year. Each hands-on class will teach you the risks involved in improper procedures and how to safely preserve the food from your garden or local vendor.

Fresh foods are perishable because they contain a high percentage of water. The practice of canning preserves foods by removing the oxygen, destroying enzymes and preventing the growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold. It is important to follow proper canning practices to ensure that food is kept safe! Pressure canning is the only safe method for canning meat, poultry, seafood and low acid vegetables. Your grandmother’s recipe may be delicious, but without the proper combination of acidity, temperature, and reduction in water available to microorganisms, you could fall victim to botulism toxins.

Classes will be held from 10a-1p at the Johnston County Agriculture Center on the following dates:

June 2nd, 2018- Jams, Jellies, and High Acid Foods

June 9th, 2018- Low Acid Foods

July 28th, 2018- Dehydrating and Freezing

August 11th, 2018- Fermentation

Register now! Each class will be offered from 10:00a-1:00p for $20 per person, per class OR $65 for the full series. Contact Cassidy Hobbs at 919-989-5380 for more information or via email at

You may always register up to three days before the class you wish to attend, however, if you would like to receive the reduced rate for the full class, registration must be in by May 30th.