Blueberry Production Workshop

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Saturday, March 2, 2013 there was a blueberry production workshop held at the Johnston County Agriculture Building. Dr. Bill Cline, a specialist with NC State University, gave a presentation on blueberry production. Covered were tips on selecting the correct variety, soil preparation, pruning, and the control of a new pest in blueberries, the spotted wing drosophila. Many questions were asked and answered by class participants during the presentation.

learning about blueberry growth and production

Learning about blueberry pruning and growth

After the classroom portion of the workshop we drove a short distance to an organic blueberry farm on Swift Creek Road. Here Dr. Cline demonstrated how to properly prune blueberry bushes by cutting on some large blueberry bushes. Again there were many questions asked and answered while in the field. Participants were given the opportunity to practice what they had learned by pruning some bushes that still needed to some work.

Comments made on the evaluations indicated that people really enjoyed the hands-on pruning demonstration and opportunity. They also enjoyed having a knowledgeable person who could answer their questions about blueberry culture in general.

To view some pictures of this event visit this site.